Develop, deploy, & maintain mission-enabling technical engineering solutions for computer forensics, and more.
  • Data management
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Digital forensic analysis
  • Network security
  • Certification and accreditation
  • Information assurance training
  • Independent verification and validation
  • Risk management
  • Security architectures
  • Security operations
  • Ethical hacking
  • Tool integration & management

AMC Federal Law Enforcement
Harris’ incident responders and digital forensic investigators provide technical leadership and expert analysis to properly preserve, analyze, and present digital evidence
VA U.S. Department of Agriculture
Enterprise services in partnership with the USDA’s Agriculture Security Operations Center to deliver the strategic planning, prioritization, and management that helps secure a global network with 200,000 endpoints and 8,000 servers
USTransCom Federal Aviation Administration
Delivering secure, reliable telecommunications network via 24/7/365 operations and maintenance from a custom-designed-and built Network Operations Control Center (NOCC) and nationwide field services team to help safely move 2 million air passengers each day