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Wayne Lucernoni

We are pleased to introduce our quarterly customer newsletter, the Harris Connection

In each edition, you will read about capabilities and strategies to solve today’s technology challenges, as we feature some of the ways Harris IT Services’ expertise  addresses our government and commercial customers' needs every day. This edition highlights solutions implemented for the U.S. Department of the Navy, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the U.S. Air Force’s 50th Space Wing. We also share insights on maintaining seamless network performance while accommodating escalating resource demands from mobile devices and video. As a leading provider of secure communications systems and information networks, we are committed to delivering the IT solutions that enable essential data, voice and video to reliably reach the right people—anytime, anywhere.

We hope you enjoy this inaugural issue of the Harris Connection and we look forward to delivering relevant IT strategies and insights in every edition.

Wayne Lucernoni
President, Harris IT Services

Supporting the World’s Largest Purpose-built IP Network

The Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) services more than 700,000 sailors, marines, and civilians in the contiguous US, Hawaii, and Japan—only the internet is larger.
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Harris—FAA Partnership Delivers Trusted Results

This program provides voice, data, and video communications for National Airspace System operations, enabling safe and efficient air travel for more than 2 million passengers each day. Read more

Delivering Satellite Communications and Cost Savings to the 50th Space Wing

By managing the transition of the two U.S. Air Force contracts into the consolidated Network and Space Operations and Maintenance (NSOM) contract, the Harris team helped the government reduce contract costs by nearly 25 percent while simultaneously providing higher performance.
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Is Video Consuming Your Network?

Your enterprise network is facing an onslaught of demand from resource-hungry technologies from Service-Oriented-Architectures (SOA) to Cloud Computing. Mobile devices are popping up everywhere and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is quick to follow. While these technologies are creating significant challenges for network planners everywhere, the true culprit bringing the enterprise network to its knees is the explosion of video traffic.
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